Heart of a River

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The Heart of a River is a book for all ages that shares the story of a river, told through it’s own voice.

From the river’s first trickle as a single drop of water, the river invites us to  share in its journey as it finds its way to the sea. “Imagine for a moment that you are water” the river asks us and as it bends and curves through it’s colourful history we are invited to see what the river has seen.  With spare empathetic prose and vivid illustrations The Heart of a River delicately leads the reader from the beginnings of life to a pivotal moment in the present where an uncertain future finds strength in a hope for renewal.


Can ocean salmon return to the upper Columbia River?

Until recently few people have dared to ask this question. Few human inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest know that the upper Columbia River was once a spawning home to three runs of ocean salmon steelhead trout in Canada, fish that swam up to 2,000 kilometers to reach their home.  Efforts to generate electricity and control flooding led to the building of dams that have prevented salmon from spawning above the international boundary for 75 years.  Possible reconsiderations of the international Columbia River Treaty could lead to the restoration of salmon above the boundary in our lifetime.

What can one person do?

Participate in calling the salmon home by learning more about the river through this all-ages book. Learn about what is possible, share hope, and imagine what can be done.

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    it’s SO gorgeous! Congratulations. What a wonderful collaboration.

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